Sherriff Amenity Academy is currently being updated.

Welcome to the future of sports turf education.

Sherriff Amenity Academy has been created to provide educational courses for today's industry.

Sherriff Amenity Academy is proud to now be providing CPD points for all BIGGA members. Its important to us that we continue to help educate and support the amenity industry on all product and knowledge aspects of sports turf management. We will continue to grow and develop the Sherriff Amenity Academy providing relevant and useful educational courses.

Product Courses = 1 CPD point

Knowledge Courses = 4 CPD points

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Product Courses

Our main focus is providing all greenkeepers / Groundsman with the latest, most up to date product information for all the products we sell. Creating educational material specific for each product enables you to fully understand and get more out the products you buy. This will lead to healthier, better performing turf after studying the individual products technical information and product specification. Each course should take around 30 minutes to complete and you do so by watching videos, reading the MSDS label, Technical Specification and then by completing a multiple choice test. We will continually create more product course's on a fortnightly basis. So you can be guaranteed to find a product to study thats relevant to you.

Knowledge Courses

Sherriff Amenity Academy is much more than just products, we also provide educational course called "Knowledge". Knowledge course focus on the methods and operations of tasks such as Product Application or Understanding TurfDisease. The completion time for these course vary from 45 mins up to 2 hours. We will continually create more knowledge course's on a monthly basis helping to further enhance your skills and know how. We want to hear from you and look to create knowledge courses based on whats relevant to your site and requirements. If you want to suggest a Knowledge course or have any other ideas please click here to help us build a better educational platform for the turf industry. Feedback

Pass Certificates

Sherriff Amenity Academy have created Pass Certificates for all students who score over the 70% pass grade. Each Pass Certificate is unique to each product or knowledge course that the students passes. These Pass Certificates can be kept for ongoing learning and development and can also be used for interviews or appraisals.

Refresher Courses

Once you have completed studying your required courses it doesn't end there. It's vitally important to always be up to date with the latest product legislations, developments and products. Even the best of us need refreshing sometimes so we are developing Refresher Courses for all the knowledge and product course's we have created in Sherriff Amenity Academy. These will be shorter courses with only a few key test questions. But these will enable you to keep up the knowledge and skills required. Look out for the Refresher Courses at BTME 2018.

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